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Bicycles from China



China has always been a big consumer of electric bikes, and the technology and scale of electric bike in China are also very mature. Electric bikes made in China sell well all over the world. Competition among Chinese electric bike manufacturers is also becoming increasingly fierce. 

  In recent years, in order to solve outstanding environmental pollution problems, the government has continuously improved environmental protection policies, laws, and regulations, and advocated the strengthening of pollutant emission reduction through government-led and social participation methods. Low-carbon travel and green environmental protection have become people’s consensus. Electric bicycles have become an important travel tool for many people due to their environmental protection, economy, labor saving, load-bearing, and long driving distance. The demand for electric bikes in many countries is also increasing. 

In this article, we will list the top 10 e-bike manufacturers in China for easier and faster access to more information about the factories. 


The third stage is from 2005 to the present. This stage is the super-speed development stage of electric bicycles in China, which is dubbed the “blowout stage” by the industry. In this period of time, as the fierce competition between enterprises greatly stimulated the progress of technology and the spread of new technologies, the technical level of the entire industry has been greatly improved, the battery life and capacity have been increased by 35%, and the motor The development of toothed motors has become the mainstream of brushless high-efficiency motors, with lifespan increased by 5 times, efficiency increased by nearly 30%, and climbing and load capacity increased by approximately 3.5 times. While the performance is improved, the manufacturing cost is also greatly reduced, and the price power is reduced to 21%; the technical level of the controller system and charging system is also greatly improved.In particular, great progress has been made in battery technology and motor technology. The technological breakthroughs in lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles have led the world.


There are also single lead-acid batteries that have evolved into many types of high-performance batteries, and the emergence of lithium batteries has further promoted the development of electric bicycles, especially simple models. In terms of motors, the invention of permanent magnet brushless motors has significantly accelerated the pace of industry development. The key to the performance of the motor is the performance of the strong magnetic material. Among the various permanent magnet materials, the rare earth permanent magnet material has the most superior performance. China is a world-recognized large country of rare earth resources and a strong country of manufacturing rare earth products. 


The rare earth ferromagnetic material has good performance, low price, and strong manufacturing capacity, which makes the expensive BLDC (brushless DC permanent magnet motor) system in the international market widely used in Chinese enterprises, so the electric bicycle industry has obtained a unique resource advantage. From the point of view of the industry’s total output and sales, in 2005, the total output of various light electric vehicles (including electric bicycles) of hundreds of companies in the country is expected to exceed 9 million units, with exports of about 2 to 3 million units, and an industrial output value of 200. The profits and taxes are about 6 billion yuan, and nearly 1 million people are employed in related production and service fields.China’s production and sales of light electric vehicles have accounted for more than 90% of the world, and China has become the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter of light electric vehicles. 








Post time: May-12-2022